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1. Gifted Children with CAPD
Gifted children who have central auditory processing disorder may be accused of being lazy, unmotivated, and not working up to potential. Read this article to learn about CAPD and how it may be accommodated.

2. Smart Costumes for Halloween
Gifted kids may be incredibly creative when it comes time for trick or treating.

3. The Basics of Asynchronous Development
Asynchronous development is a common quality among gifted individuals. As the name implies, events are not occurring all at the same time as the child develops. Learn more about what happens when chronological, intellectual, social and physical age do not match.

4. Evaluating a School's Gifted Program
Determining the quality of a school system's gifted program is an important task for parents. Being able to evaluate how well the school identifies and serves this population will be of great benefit to your children.

5. Misconceptions in Gifted Education
Preconceived notions exist everywhere in our society and the classroom is no exception. Erroneous assumptions are often made by educators in terms of what a gifted student looks like and what they need in the classroom. Find out the realities behind these misconceptions.

6. To Tell Or Not To Tell
Parents often wonder if they should discuss their child's giftedness with them. There can actually be benefits to talking with your child about his or her abilities.

7. Gifted Children in the Classroom
Misunderstandings can abound within the classroom regarding who is gifted and who is not. Many gifted students get overlooked in the classroom because they do not fit the "typical" mold. Learn about common misunderstandings and ways to refute them.

8. The Two Sides of Giftedness
There are some who believe that being gifted means having an easier life. While there are many advantages to having qualities of giftedness, there are just as many ways that can provide challenges as well. Get a better perspective on the life of a gifted individual.

9. Ruf Estimates of Levels of Giftedness
Nationally renowned gifted expert Dr. Deborah Ruf presents her theory of various levels of giftedness, and how children present at each level.

10. Davidson Young Scholars Program
The Davidson Young Scholars Program has a lot to offer profoundly gifted children.

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